Sunday, October 22nd

4:30 PM              Welcome and Workshop Introduction (Paul Veers, NREL)

5:00 PM              Cocktail hour / Future Scenario Game

During the cocktail hour, workshop participants will be asked to participate in a casual brainstorming exercise around wind industry development objectives of 1) LCOE, 2) grid integration and 3) deployment.  For each topic, participants will be asked to think about different barriers to the improvement in each objective and to rate the difficulty associated with each identified objective.  Discussion is encouraged among the participants.

6:00 PM              Hosted Dinner

7:00 PM              Grand Vision Scenario Premises

In preparation for the next day’s activities, workshop participants will participate in a guided discussion over the key premises behind a Grand Vision of the future for wind energy as a primary source of energy for the world.  Topics covered will include the level of wind energy as a percentage of total generation, the portion of which is offshore, the level of solar and other renewable deployment that exists, the type of computing, data management, sensing and other enabling technologies that are available to the industry.

8:00 PM              Adjourn for the day


Monday, October 23rd  

For Monday’s activities, workshop participants will be split out into breakout groups that will include:

  1. manufacturing and industrialization, installation and logistics
  2. land-based turbine technology, design, scaling, energy access and capture
  3. offshore turbine and foundation technology, marine construction and access,
  4. wind plant technology control, storage and design,
  5. atmospheric science, forecasting, and condition-based optimization, and
  6. operations and asset management, reliability and life extension.

    A seventh breakout will also be conducted on:

  7. Grid integration and operations; energy transfer, stability , storage and markets

There is an unfortunate conflict of dates between the TEM in Golden and an international grid meeting in Berlin, which could not be avoided. Since key contributors on the Grid issue are not able to join the Golden meeting, this breakout will be held on November 9-10, 2017 in Mexico at the conclusion of the IEA Task 25 meeting to capture critical input on this very important issue. The Golden meeting is therefore intending to focus the limited time on the other six topics.

8:00 AM              Arrival, check-in and continental breakfast

9:00 AM              Keynote Address (TBD)

9:30 AM              Guiding talks (TBD)

10:00 AM            Breakouts on Wind Plant LCOE (divided into the six breakout groups listed above)

In this first session, we address the classic metric of LCOE which is still one of, if not the, most critical metric for evaluating a wind plant.  In each breakout, workshop participants will evaluate technology needs for further reduction to LCOE and its main elements: energy production, capital costs, operational expenditures and financing.

11:30 AM            Wind Plant LCOE Breakout Reporting

12:00 PM            Lunch and continued discussion

1:00 PM              Guiding talks (TBD)

1:30 PM              Breakouts on Wind Plant Value and Deployment (divided into the six breakout groups listed above)

In this second session, we look more broadly at what will allow or impede massive amounts of wind energy deployment.  In each breakout, workshop participants will address needs for increasing deployment that are not LCOE-centric and may include grid integration issues, deployment barriers, resource availability, infrastructure and more.

3:00 PM              Wind Plant Value and Deployment Breakout Reporting

3:30 PM              Break

3:45 PM              Guiding talks (TBD)

4:00 PM              Breakouts on Research Needs to address critical issues (divided into the six breakout groups listed above)

The last break-out session will be used to identify critical research needs for enabling technologies that reduce LCOE and/or enable further deployment of wind energy to achieve the scale of the Grand Vision.

5:15 PM              Research Needs Breakout Reporting

5:45 PM              Wrap-up

6:00 PM              No-Host Dinner (Offsite)